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Rochelle Suri


About Me:
I am presently based in Mumbai, where I have a private practice and collaborate with other psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and school counselors. I was b
orn in Mumbai, India and shortly thereafter my family immigrated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I lived a good part of my adolescent life. I moved back to Mumbai for four years to complete my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. It was at this stage of my life's journey that I discovered a big part of myself, having to function and live independently in a city of 13 million faces! lt was a very challenging experience, and I cherish every part of it.

I came to San Francisco in 2002 where I pursued my MA degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California lnstitute of lntegral Studies (CIIS). I then went on to complete my Doctoral degree in East-West Psychology. While working on my doctoral degree, I also worked on attaining my Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license in the state of California.

About East-West Psychology:
The passage between the East and the West is an important one because of the indisputable relationship between Eastern spirituality and indigenous traditions and Western psychology. The combination of depth psychology, dream analysis, expressive arts therapy, and existential psychology along with mindfulness, spiritual reflection, and Eastern philosophy is a potent way of experiencing the wisdom and possibilities of working with an integrative model of therapy.
Having lived in the East and being educated in the West for considerable periods of time, I am personally aware of the importance and benefits of bridging Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. I also possess the knowledge and experience of providing East-West Psychology through the subtle, yet powerful medium of therapy, allowing an individual to explore and possibly embrace an holistic way of living.

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